T: +27 310720500 | E: enquiries@masimochem.com

T: +27 310720500 | E: enquiries@masimochem.com


Masimo understands that every customer’s needs are different and offers its customers various supply chain options to ensure specific needs are met. Masimo’s logistics model involves an end to end service offering for the customer from the initial step of sourcing the product to final step of delivery to the customer site.

Masimo's Service Offering Includes
Export Logistics (Masimo Chemicals Logistics)
Bulk storage
Dispatch of product to customer [in either Road Tankers or Iso Container]
Transportation (sea and road)
Clearing and forwarding



– Refinery Drive, Reunion, Durban.
Products: MasimoSol 2325, MasimoSol X7B


– Island View, Durban.
Products: Low Aromatic White Spirits (LAWS)


– Island View, Durban.
Products: MasimoSol D70, MasimoSol D100, Hexane, Xylene


  1. Shell Bulk loadings – vehicle must have a safe loading pass and be registered with Shell IVT Fuel facts
  2. Sapref loadings – vehicle must arrive at Sapref before 11:00 am otherwise the vehicle will be rejected


  1. East gantry – can handle vehicles with a manhole diameter of > 350mm
  2. West gantry – can handle vehicles with a manhole diameter of 251mm
  3. East gantry products – MasimoSol 2325, MasimoSol X7B
  4. West gantry products – MasimoSol 2325
  5. Note: Vehicles to arrive between 06h30 and 11h00. Sapref reserves right to refuse vehicles arriving after 11h00 depending on the number of vehicles already in the queue.
  6. Customers/Hauliers are prohibited from contacting the Sapref refinery directly.


  1. Work with a valid work permit where required.
  2. Conduct gas tests when required.
  3. Verify isolation before work begins and use the specified life protecting equipment.
  4. Obtain authorization before entering a confined space.
  5. Obtain authorization before overriding or disabling safety critical equipment.
  6. Protect yourself against a fall when working at height.
  7. Do not walk under a suspended load.
  8. Do not smoke outside designated smoking areas.
  9. No alcohol or drugs while working or driving.
  10. While driving, do not use your phone and do not exceed speed limits.
  11. Wear your seatbelt.
  12. Follow the prescribed Journey Management Plan.


  1. Ensure correct loading date
  2. Ensure order is scheduled to load


  1. Customer Name
  2. Product and quantity to be loaded
  3. Indent/Order number
  4. Destination of the goods
  5. Haulier name
  6. Driver’s name
  7. Vehicle Reg numbers: Horse, Semi, Pup
  8. Mode of transport ( road, driver’s declaration)
  9. Valid SA drivers license or license with an international driving permit
  10. Medical certificate


  1. Original or certified Fire permit for semi and pup. Must correspond with vehicle registrations.
  2. Hazchem certificate
  3. PDP
  4. Tanker licence disc including G,D displayed for dangerous goods
  5. Certificate of Roadworthiness
  6. Cleanliness certificate – Tanker must be clean, dry and free from any odour
  7. Tanker must comply with legal weight limits in application between supply point and destination


  1. Driver has a valid Permit to enter the Sapref or Cutler Complex
  2. Driver has attended the Sapref / Shell Bulk Terminal / BTT Induction training and is valid
  3. Driver aware and compliant to Shell Life Saving Rules & Rules of the loading sites.
  4. Driver meets legal requirements for class of vehicle being driven
  5. Driver not intoxicated. Precheck at yard
  6. Driver knows about the precise capacity of the tanker and must be able to accommodate the ordered quantity


  1. Fire extinguishers – Within validity date and green band. Correctly mounted
  2. First Aid kit
  3. Spill kit
  4. Safety Harness
  5. Correct Hazchem labels displayed. Decals fitted on side and rear
  6. Reverse buzzer in working condition
  7. Four pole battery isolator clearly marked with “on/off” positions
  8. Battery box cover in good condition
  9. Centre mounted orange document holder box in the cab
  10. Truck, tractor and pup has SANS reflective tape and chevron board
  11. All manifold valves shut with dust covers in position
  12. Minimum of four wheel chocks present
  13. Tyres must have no missing or uneven treads. Full complement of wheel nuts and locked in position
  14. No oil or product leaks from vehicle
  15. Hooter is functional
  16. 3 point seat belt. All occupants of any vehicles shall use seatbelts at all times


  1. Vehicle compartments larger than 7500L shall not be loaded between 20% and 80% of the max capacity, unless they are fitted with baffle/surge plates dividing the compartment in sections of max 7500L.
  2. Products which are incompatible should not be loaded in adjoining compartments of the tank.
  3. Accurately calibrated dipsticks required for loading at BTT Island View and Sapref Refinery.
  4. Overloaded vehicles shall not be decanted back to tank. Customer shall arrange a 2nd vehicle to decant the excess product.


  1. 1 piece fire retardant overall (For Sapref it must be the Nomex standard overall)
  2. Safety shoes, Hard hat, PVC gloves
  3. Safety glasses with side protection or goggles (Sapref – face shield)
  4. Leather gauntlet (Sapref)
  5. Safety Harness


Outer Material: Nomex Comfort minimum weight 200g/m2 density or Tencate Tecasafe Plus weight 238/m2 Antistatic, any colour except Royal Blue

Sewing Thread: All sewing threads shall be flame retardant threads and shall comply with SABS 1362 Trims: All trims of overall shall be flame retardant material and meet the relevant requirements of NFPA 2112 and SANS 434

Standards to be met: EN 531 A1 B1 C1, EN 533, NFPP 2112, EN 531

Labelling: Company to stitch their company label/ logo on the inside of the collar as well as type of fabric

Suppliers: Sweet Orr 011-7913160; Beslin Marburg 039-6822430, General Workwear 031-4037898